Notre Dame 2007

Called Together to be PeacemakersFrom 1998-2003 Mennonite World Conference (MWC) and the Vatican conducted a first-ever international dialogue and the following year released their final report, Called Together to be Peacemakers. In neither tradition, however, are the dialogue and its historic results well known. Bringing together top Mennonite and Catholic theologians and ecclesial leaders, this conference was designed to stimulate scholarly interest in this important document, while also providing resources for Catholic and Mennonite ecclesial communities to study and discuss this text in an informed way. For streaming video of the sessions, click on the conference links below.

Session 1: Panel on the Significance of this Document:
Scott Appleby (Kroc Institute, Notre Dame)
Alan Kreider (Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary)
Helmut Harder (Co-Chairman of the International Dialogue)
Drew Christiansen S.J. (Editor, America)

Session 2: Considering History Together:
John Roth (Goshen College)
John Cavadini (University of Notre Dame)

Session 3: The Nature of the Church:
C. Arnold Snyder (University of Waterloo)
Mary Doak (University of San Diego)

Session 4: Sacraments and Ordinances:
Elizabeth Groppe (Xavier University)
Thomas Finger (author of A Contemporary Anabaptist Theology)

Session 5: Our Commitment to Peace:
Bishop Gabino Zavala (Bishop, President of Pax Christi USA)
Duane Friesen (Bethel College,Kansas)

Session 6: Toward a Healing of Memories:
Gerald Schlabach (University of St. Thomas) [click to read]
Mary Schertz (Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary)
Abbot John Klassen, O.S.B. (St. John’s Abbey, Collegeville,
Minnesota; Co-chair of Bridgefolk)

Session 7: Synthesis: Moving Forward from Here:
Facilitated Discussion