• Examining “Called Together to be Peacemakers”
    2007, University of Notre Dame

    From 1998-2003 Mennonite World Conference (MWC) and the Vatican conducted a first-ever international dialogue and the following year released their final report, Called Together to be Peacemakers. Bringing together top Mennonite and Catholic theologians and ecclesial leaders, this conference was designed to stimulate scholarly interest in this important document, while also providing resources for Catholic and Mennonite ecclesial communities to study and discuss this text in an informed way. Streaming video of the sessions is available.
  • Sacramentality
    2006, online colloquium
    lead article by Thomas Finger
    responses by Dennis Martin and Margaret R. Pfeil
  • How Are We “Called Together?”
    2005, Eastern Mennonite Seminary

    A keynote address by John A. Lapp examines ecumenical dialogue as a ministry of reconciliation. Two panels, one Catholic and another Mennonite, suggest what some of the next points of conversation between Mennonites and Catholic scholars in light of the document Called Together to be Peacemakers.
  • On Baptism: Mennonite-Catholic Theological Colloquium, 2001-2002
    lead article by Frederick Bauerschmidt
    responses by Thomas Finger and others.
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  • Just Policing: Mennonite-Catholic Theological Colloquium, 2002
    lead article by Gerald W. Schlabach
    responses by Joseph Capizzi and others.
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