We Are Each Other’s Bread and Wine

Eichenberg's Lord's Supper (small)

As Bridgefolk participants grow in understanding and appreciating the profound gifts of each other’s traditions, we are discovering how deeply the practice of eating together at the Lord’s Table sustains and enriches our life of Christian discipleship and peacemaking. Fed and nourished by the gift of Christ’s love, we are strengthened to share the peace of Christ in the church and in the world. To illuminate this vital connection, Bridgefolk invites sermons and homilies on these themes for regular posting in this online column.

  1. The Table of Countercultural Mission
    by Daniel P. Schrock
  2. Palm Sunday Homily: The Messiah of Peace
    by Abbot John Klassen
  3. Communion as Pledge to Friends, Neighbors, and Enemies
    by Mary Lehman Yoder
  4. What Do We Remember?
    by Gareth Brandt
  5. Tension at the Table
    by Rev. Joanna Harader
  6. Communion: A Witness for Peace
    by James M. Lapp
  7. Communion and Peace
    by Joetta Handrich Schlabach
  8. Worship’s Feast
    by Rachel Epp Weaver
  9. Take No Bread for the Journey
    by Bradley Roth
  10. “Who Are You Having Supper With?”
    by Doug Wiebe
  11. I Will Make with Them a Covenant of Peace
    by Jane Roeschley
  12. “If Any Become Followers” – Living the Disarmed Life
    by Weldon D. Nisly