Baptism of the Lord by John

Pilgrimage toward Christian Unity:
Beginning with Baptism

School of Theology and Ministry
Seattle University, 901 12th Ave., Seattle, WA 98122
July 27-30

Welcome to Registration for Bridgefolk 2017!

There are two registration options: you may register either by a mail-in form or by our secure website.

For mail-in registration, download the registration form (MS Word .doc).  There are two payment options:

  1. Check or credit card payment—print and fill out the above form, return it by post to:
    Bridgefolk/Office of the Abbot
    Saint John’s Abbey
    2900 Abbey Plaza
    Collegeville MN 56321-2015
  2. Credit card payment only—fill out the above form and save it electronically; return it by email attachment to: <>.

For secure online registration, there are three registration categories.
Please select the one category below that applies to you:

  1. General registration (housing options plus meal plans)—CLICK HERE
  2. Local commuters (no housing options, meal plans only)—CLICK HERE
  3. Bridgefolk board membersCLICK HERE

If you have any questions or concerns about registration or the conference, please contact us at <>.

Keynote speaker, venue, transportation, etc.


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Bridgefolk is a grassroots ecumenical movement of Catholics and Mennonites “proceeding through friendship.”